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Car not running at its best?
Is your radiator leaking?
Is your car overheating?

The alarm bells start ringing when your car starts leaking. Each day you might notice more smoke pouring out of the hood of your car, the temperature gauge shooting up quickly, or an unusual smell making its way out of your engine.

Don’t ignore the signs. You risk blowing your motor, and paying sky high repair bills you can easily avoid by getting your radiator checked as soon as possible.

Should you visit your mechanic? Or go directly to the radiator expert the mechanics will surely send your car to - the same radiator expert that towing companies and trucking companies rely on when they can’t work out what’s wrong…

Radiator service

  • New radiators
  • Problem diagnosis and advice
  • Clean out
  • Re-core
  • Replacement
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Pressure test
  • Custom manufacture of aftermarket parts
  • Smash repair work
  • Mobile service

Custom manufacture of aftermarket radiator parts

Where radiators have become blocked or burnt out, much of the radiator is salvageable. However one or more parts may be damaged beyond repair such as the top, bottom, and side header plates. It can be difficult to find parts that are no longer manufactured, especially for older vehicles.

We can quickly and accurately rebuild custom parts for any type of radiator. So we’ll get you back on the road with a fully restored radiator at competitive prices.

Types of vehicles we service

  • Classic cars
  • Mining equipment
  • Light and heavy industrial machinery such as forklifts, tractors, and cranes
  • Buses
  • Marines
  • Trains
  • Aeroplanes

We service radiators of any material, including:

  • Plastic aluminium
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Full aluminum

Guaranteed satisfaction

You’ll get a lifetime warranty on all work. You’ll also get product warranties which we’ll follow up for you if there are any issues - don’t expect any though, we only use genuine parts and custom fabricated parts that are long lasting and well constructed.

What to expect

  • Reliable and honest service
  • 100% Workmanship guarantee
  • Reasonable prices
  • Custom manufacture available
  • Heavy duty specialists


What payment do you accept?

Cash, Mastercard, Visa. Accounts may be set up if approved.

How long will you take?

From 4 hours to 2 days. Call us. Or drop into see us and we can check your problem, give you an accurate quote, and an estimate on the spot.

Can you do a better price?

Contact us for a quote. You’ll find our prices are competitive and you’ll get work and products with guarantees for your peace of mind.

Reg is fantastic I have built a few cars over the years and he has always reconditioned my radiators great price good guy. - PFC Admin

...did a great job, new radiator with 12 month warranty. He worked out approx $100 to $500 cheaper than the other quotes I got. I've heard as much as $1100 quoted for some radiator replacements at some mechanics and dealerships. He's been doing radiators for 40 plus years. - Roman Viking