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When you notice that something’s not quite right with your vehicle, it’s worth getting it checked.

Ignoring danger signals from your radiator, water pump, fuel tank, or heater can be disastrous. At worst, your motor could blow up, cause a fire, or even cause health problems from breathing in toxic gas fumes.

Don’t risk it. Save yourself from expensive repairs and health issues you can easily avoid by taking your radiator, water pump, or fuel tank to a specialist the mechanics, towing companies, and hot rod enthusiasts visit when they need it done right.

Director and Head Radiator Specialist Reg has been in the industry since he was 12 years old. So you can imagine there isn’t much he hasn’t seen. From cars and trucks, to buses, trains, and even aeroplanes! An overhead crane and a hoist helps him and the team service heavy duty large vehicles as thoroughly as small passenger vehicles.

Over the years, Reg has perfected special techniques and even developed his own secret mix of glue that seals as well - or dare we say, even better than welding. If your fuel tank needs a service, it’ll be treated to a powerful fuel cleaner proven to remove every last trace of fuel vapour.


  • Repairs
    • Radiators & intercoolers: Clean, recore, replace
    • Car heaters: Repair, replace, full maintenance
    • Fuel tanks: Clean, repair
    • Water pumps: Repair, rebuild
  • Advice
  • Supply and fit
  • Costom manufacture of aftermarket parts
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Clean outs
  • Replacement
  • Smash repair work
  • Mobile service

We service all types of vehicles including cars, trucks, cranes, hot rods and classic cars.

What to expect

Customers come first at Reg’s. We pride ourselves on long lasting, quality work that addresses the source of your problem quickly and effectively - so you don’t have to return to us for many years. We repair and rebuild with genuine parts (and custom fabrications if needed) that are covered by product and workmanship warranties.

Shop around and you’ll quickly see there aren’t many workshops that have more than 40 years expertise, experience with such a wide range of vehicles, convenient mobile service, and astoundingly decent pricing.

That’s the Reg’s difference.

Reg is fantastic I have built a few cars over the years and he has always reconditioned my radiators great price good guy. - PFC Admin

...did a great job, new radiator with 12 month warranty. He worked out approx $100 to $500 cheaper than the other quotes I got. I've heard as much as $1100 quoted for some radiator replacements at some mechanics and dealerships. He's been doing radiators for 40 plus years. - Roman Viking

...reg was more then helpful to me! Took my Nissan skyline in, took it to all mechanics in they said it was a 1200 fix, Reg fixed my problem for 230 bucks, big thankyou! Defiantly coming back if I ever need anything! I personally give regs radiators 5 stars! I'm a very happy customer - The Bosser