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Fuel tanks

You may not realise that your fuel tank has rusted or has a hole in it - but you’ll notice the stench of petrol from the leak.

Check underneath the back of your vehicle for traces of gasoline. Experience your fuel efficiency get worse during each drive.

Don’t ignore any of these signs. The smell itself is dangerous as gasoline contains carbon monoxide, poisonous chemical that can cause cold and flu like symptoms, nausea and headache.

Corrosion in your fuel tank will worsen when you drive in conditions with a lot snow and salt, and the leak may get worse if it’s not dealt with. The danger is especially high if the leak is near your engine or exhaust. A tiny spark or carelessly flicked cigarette could easily set it on fire, putting your vehicle and lives at risk. If you’re concerned  about the leak, don’t drive your car. Please call us asap for our mobile service.

With over 40 years in the industry, you can imagine there isn’t much we haven’t seen. We use an exclusive powerful fuel cleaner that removes every last trace of fuel vapour. We repair fuel tank leaks and repair fuel tank filler necks using our own specially made fuel tank expoy that seals as well - or better than welding can. Plastic fuel tanks are replaced with genuine parts backed up by manufacturer warranties.

Types of vehicles we service

We’re equipped and experienced to service heavy duty fuel tanks from larger vehicles such as trucks, buses, trains, and even aeroplanes! An overhead crane and a hoist helps us attend to our larger vehicles as thoroughly as smaller vehicles.

  • Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Trucks
  • Hot rods
  • Classic cars
  • Mining equipment
  • Light and heavy industrial machinery such as forklifts, tractors, and cranes
  • Buses
  • Marines
  • Trains
  • Aeroplanes

Fuel tank service

  • Problem diagnosis and advice
  • Repairs
  • Rust repairs
  • Custom build, modifications and alterations
  • Pressure testing
  • Smash repair work
  • Mobile service

Custom manufacture of aftermarket fuel tank parts

Where one or more parts are damaged beyond repair, it can be difficult to find parts that are no longer manufactured, especially for older vehicles. We can quickly and accurately rebuild, modify, or alter parts to get you back on the road sooner with a fully working fuel tank at very competitive prices.

Guaranteed satisfaction

You’ll get a lifetime warranty on all work. You’ll also get product warranties which we’ll follow up for you if there are any issues - don’t expect any though, we only use genuine parts and custom fabricated parts that are long lasting and well constructed.

What to expect

  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Good as new repairs
  • 100% Workmanship guarantee
  • Value for money
  • Custom fabrication service


What payment do you accept?

Cash, Mastercard, Visa. Accounts may be set up if approved.

How long will you take?

From 4 hours to 2 days. Call us. Or drop into see us and we can check your problem, give you an accurate quote, and an estimate on the spot.

Can you do a better price?

Contact us for a quote. You’ll find our prices are competitive and you’ll get work and products with guarantees for your peace of mind.

...reg was more then helpful to me! Took my Nissan skyline in, took it to all mechanics in they said it was a 1200 fix, Reg fixed my problem for 230 bucks, big thankyou! Defiantly coming back if I ever need anything! I personally give regs radiators 5 stars! I'm a very happy customer - The Bosser