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When you notice that something’s not quite right with your vehicle, it’s worth getting it checked. Ignoring danger signals from your radiator, water pump, fuel tank, or heater can be disastrous. Overheating your car can cause your motor to blow up, leading to expensive repair costs and can put lives at risk.

Take your radiator, water pump, or fuel tank to the specialist the mechanics, towing companies, and hot rod enthusiasts visit when they need it done right.


Expect long lasting, quality work that addresses the source of your problem quickly and effectively. Shop around and you’ll quickly see there aren’t many workshops that have more than 40 years expertise, experience with such a wide range of vehicles, convenient mobile service, and astoundingly decent pricing. 100% workmanship guarantee and product guarantees included with every job.

Radiator Repairs

Radiator diagnosis, repair, rebuild service including genuine parts and custom fabrication. Don’t run the risk of blowing up your motor from an overheated radiator. Whatever your vehicle or type of radiator, we can get you back on the road quickly with a fully functioning radiator.

Water Pump Repairs

Fuel tank diagnosis, repair, rebuild service including genuine parts and custom fabrication of demisters and dash heaters. Check leaks and noises. Don’t ignore a bad water pump. We’ll make sure your cooling system runs as good as new at competitive prices.

Fuel Tank Repairs

Fuel tank diagnosis, rust repairs, custom build, pressure testing. Avoid worsening corrosion in your fuel tank. Act now if you have a leak near your engine or exhaust. We clean and repair fuel tank leaks and repair fuel tank filler necks. Call us asap for our mobile service.